Rev. Rowland Curtois

of Lincoln College, Oxford (BA 1704, MA 1707). Born 25 July 1683 at Branston, elder son of Rev. John Curtois, and buried in the chancel of the church at Hainton, Lincs., 20 February 1723. Ordained priest by the Bishop of Lincoln at Buckden, 19 September 1708. Curate of Sixhills, Lincs., 1708-1723; Rector of Hainton 20 September 1708-1723; Rector of Hatton 27 November 1711-1723 (Patrons: Sir Richard Winch, bart., and Rebekah Winch, widow), succeeding his father to a living worth 55. At the same time he was still Vicar of Hainton (worth 45), and domestic chaplain to Charles, Duke of Grafton.

Married at Well with Dexthorpe, Lincolnshire, 22 September 1713 [IGI], Elizabeth Parish, who was born at Colsterworth, Lincolnshire, 27 June 1687, daughter of Rev. George Parish, the Rector there. She married secondly on 27 August 1724 (also at Well), Rev. William Oates, her first husband's successor as Rector of Hainton, and they had issue. She died 26th March 1745, aged 58.

Issue two sons and one daughter:

  1. Elizabeth Curtois (right), born at Hainton 14 July 1714. Buried in Nackington Church (Kent?) 29 January 1787.
    Married on 18 November 1748 in Magdalen College Chapel, Oxford, Rev. Bryan Faussett of Heppington and Lydd, Kent. Vicar of Albury, Salop, and rector of Monks Horton, Kent. He was baptised 12 November 1720 at Nackington, and died 10 January 1776 at Heppington. Click here for the Faussett family tree.

  2. Rev. John Curtois, born 28 February 1716 (1715?) at Hainton, and died at Branston 4 August 1802. Buried in Branston Church. His will. Freeman of the City of Lincoln. Matriculated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 23 February 1736 (LLB 1744). Ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Lincoln 21 December 1740, and Priest 25th September 1743. Rector of South Willingham 26 September 1743 - 17 March 1747. Rector of Irnham 17 December 1747 - 1802 and Vicar of Corby 17 December 1747 - 1802 (Patron, Richard Pilkington esq.); Harmston 24 September 1762-1802. Perpetual Curate, Sequestrator and surrogate of Thurlby. Here is a letter from his stepfather to Dr Zachary Grey about his going to college.

    Married, at Nocton, Lincolnshire, on 3 December 1745, his cousin Susanna Curtois.

    Issue 10 children, all of whom died of consumption, including:

    1. Elizabeth Curtois, baptised 25 May 1747 at South Willingham.
    2. John Curtois, baptised 16 December 1748 at Irnham.
    3. Susanna Curtois, baptised 17 June 1751 at Irnham.
    4. Vincent Curtois, baptised 15 July 1753 at Irnham.
    5. Rowland William Curtois, baptised 16 December 1755 at Burton Coggles.
    6. Peregrine Curtois, baptised 12 July 1758 at Burton Coggles.
    7. Rowland Curtois, buried at Branston 4 March 1763.
  3. Grove Curtois, baptised 14 May 1721 at Hainton.

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