Rev John Curtois Born at Branston 28 (25th?) March 1689, younger son of the first Rev John Curtois, and died aged 78 on 25 August 1767 at Branston, where he is buried under the altar of the church. BA Lincoln College, Oxford, 1709; MA Brasenose College, Oxford, 1712. Fellow of Brasenose. Ordained Deacon 23 May 1714 by the Bishop of Oxford in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, and Priest 17 March 1716 by the Bishop of Winchester. Rector of Hatton 1723-1747 (succeeding his brother; patron, Robert Lawley esq.); of Corby 1747; of Potterhanworth 5 May 1747 - 25 December 1758 (or maybe 29 January 1759 - he certainly resigned twice!); and of Branston 12 May 1719 - 1767 (Patrons: Rev. Rowland Curtois and Rev. William Carleton), the second of the family to be so.

Married Elizabeth Johnson, who was apparently born 8 February 1699 and died at Branston 7 February 1789 (buried there Feb 9th). In a 1723 document she was described as niece of Charles Johnson later of the City of Lincoln, mercer, deceased.

"On Saturday last died, Mrs. Curtois, of Branston, near this city, mother of the Rev. Peregrine Curtois, of the same place. She was 90 years of age all but one day." [Stamford Mercury - Friday 13 February 1789]

Issue three daughters and three sons:

  1. Catherine Curtois, buried at Branston 16 July 1719.

  2. Elizabeth Curtois, baptised at Branston 16 November 1719, and buried there 1 Feb 1720.

  3. Susanna Curtois, born at Branston 25 April 1721, baptised there 24 May 1721, and died 16 March 1802. Buried at Branston.

    Married, at Nocton 3 December 1745, her cousin, Rev John Curtois.

    Issue 10 children, all of whom died of consumption.

  4. Mary Curtois, born at Branston 29 March 1725 and baptised there 15 April 1725, and died at Greatford, Lincs., 17 April 1797.

    Married, at Branston 23 December 1749, the celebrated Reverend Dr Francis Willis, physician to the Queen of Portugal and King George III of England, who cured the latter of his lunacy. He also, at the grand old age of 84, rode 96 miles in a day to vote at Brentwood. Sometime Rector of St. John's, Wapping, and Lord of the Manor of Greatford, where he died 5 December 1807 at the age of 89. Two of their five sons also treated George III, one of them, later Sir Francis Willis MD, establishing a private lunatic asylum at Braceborough. The other one, John, died at Longhills after a party held by the Marquis of Exeter at Burleigh House the previous night:

    "Oct 2nd 1835. At the house of his relative, Rev Peregrine Curtois vicar of Branstone near Lincoln, in his 84th year John Willis MD of Greatford Co. Lincoln and last surviving son of the celebrated Dr Willis whose virtue and skill he inherited." More about this.

    One of these two left their cousin Peregrine 100000 for the use of his three daughters. More about the Willis family.

  5. Elizabeth Curtois, born at Branston 5 March 1726 and baptised there 5 April 1726.

  6. John Curtois, baptised 22 May 1727 at Branston and buried there the next day.

  7. Peregrine Harrison Curtois, born 15 April 1733 (10 May?) at Branston, and baptised there June 1733.

  8. John Curtois, born at Branston 15 January 1739 and buried there 29 March 1740.

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