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Rev Peregrine Harrison Curtois of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Baptised at Branston 15 April 1733, eldest surviving son of Rev. John Curtois, and died there 5 December 1814. His will. Buried in Branston Church. LLB 1759. Took up his freedom of the City of Lincoln 'by birth' 9 September 1780. Ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Lincoln at Buckden 24 September 1758 and then Priest 24 December 1758, and appointed Rector of Potterhanworth 29 January 1759 - 6 March 1801 (appears to have resigned and been reappointed 9 May 1767). Rector of Branston 4 February 1768 - 1814 (Patron, Elizabeth Curtois), the third of the family to be so. Vicar of Nocton 9 September 1767 - 1814.

On Monday last, in the 82d year of his age, the Rev. Peregrine Curtois, Rector of Branston and Nocton, in Lincolnshire - a gentleman equally distinguished and respected for his urbanity, hospitality and humanity. [The Hull Packet and Original Weekly Commercial, Literary and General Advertiser (Hull, England), Tuesday, December 13, 1814]
Last week a very valuable horse, the property of the Rev. Mr. Curtois, of Branston, near Lincoln, was clandestinely ridden during the night by one of his servants, who, that his offence might not be detected by his master, yoked the poor beast to the plough in the morning, and continued to work it, without giving it any rest or sustenance, until it fell from exhaustion and died. It is some consolation wounded humanity, in reflecting upon the barbarity of this man brute, that exemplary punishment will very soon attend such offences as his, from the operation of the benevolent bill of Lord Erskine at present in progress through Parliament. {Northampton Mercury, Saturday 27 May 1809}

Married at St. Nicholas, Kings Lynn, on 2 August 1773 [register], Barbara, only daughter of Rev Charles Bagge DD, Rector of King's Lynn, and Barbara Elsden his wife. She was born 1 September 1754, and baptised 2 October 1754 at St. Nicholas, Kings Lynn, [register] and died 1779. Buried at Branston March 28 1779.

Wharton Peck Doctor of Laws Comissary in and throughout the Archdeaconry of Norwich lawfully constituted To our beloved in Christ the Rev. Peregrine Harrison Curtois, Bachelor, of Brawnston [sic] in the County of Lincoln clerk And Barbara Bagge, Spinster, and Minor, of King's Lyn [sic] Saint Margaret in the County of Norfolk with Consent of Her Father the Reverend Charles Bagge D.D. of Kings Lyn St Margaret aforesaid and County aforesaid Health and Grace. WHEREAS it is alleged that Ye have resolved to proceed to the Solemnization of true and lawful Matrimony..... Given under our Seal this thirty first Day of July One thousand seven Hundred and Seventy Three. [From their marriage licence, here.]

Issue two daughters and one son:

  1. Barbara Curtois, born at Branston 11 May 1774, died 15 January 1801, and buried at Branston 18 January 1801.

    Married at Branston 7 May 1799, William Ellis of Bestwood Park, Nottingham. He was born 1769 and died 12 February 1830, and was the son of William Ellis of Hykeham Grange, Lincoln. After his wife's death he was ordained Deacon on 14 March 1802, and licensed to a curacy at Bardney. As far as I can tell, he remarried and lived the rest of his life at Branston, never taking full orders.

    In London, on Friday last, after a very short illness, the Rev. W. Ellis, of Branston, near Lincoln [Stamford Mercury, Friday 19 February 1830.]
  2. Peregrine Curtois, born at Branston 4 April 1775.

  3. Elizabeth Curtois, born at Branston 7 March 1777, and died in 1836.

    Married 24 September 1798, John Steel, mercer and draper of St. Peter-at Arches, Lincoln.

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