John Steel of Scottlethorpe

Born ca. 1727, only son of John Steel of Creeton, yeoman, and Elinor Sandal, and buried at Edenham 11 October 1805.

His will dated 17 April 1804 ('John Steel late of Scottlethorpe now of the City of Lincoln, Gentleman...') was proved 4 February 1806 by his son John {LAO LCC Wills 1806/ii/75}. In it he bequeaths land at Aslackby to his son John for life, and then to his son John for life, and then to George Steel. Land at Little Bytham to his son Thomas, along with 3 securities on the Bourne - Colsterworth turnpike of £25 each, and the sum of £500. His children George, Ann and Charlotte get £1000 each, and the girls get land at Barmby-in-the-Willows, in the tenure of Mr. John Ponton. His daughter Mary, the wife of George Parker, gets £200 and some land at Foston, allotted in respect of 2 oxgangs of land purchased from Richard Shipman.

Married at Great Ponton on 3 October 1759 to Mary Ponton. She was born 1 May 1740 at Little Ponton, daughter of John and Mary Ponton, and baptised there 2 June 1740.

Issue seven sons and four daughters:

  1. John Steel, born 1761 at Scottlethorpe

  2. Mary Steel, born about 1762 at Scottlethorpe, and died in December 1817. Buried at Edenham 11 Dec 1817.

    DIED On Monday last at Edenham, in this county, in her 56th year, Mary wife of George Parker Esq. Stamford Mercury, Friday 12 December 1817

    Married at St. Peter at Arches, Lincoln, on 23 June 1791 to George Parker of Edenham. He was born at Edenham 2 July 1755 and baptised there 3 September 1755, and became steward of Grimsthorpe Park for the Duke of Ancaster, and was buried at Edenham 17 July 1831. He died very wealthy, and apparently with no close relatives.

    To my dear friend and sister in law Charlotte Wright widow the sum of six hundred pounds for her care and attention to me to John Steel the Brother of my late dear wife the sum of sixty pounds to his son the said Reverend John Steel Clerk the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds To George Steel another brother of my said wife the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds To his son the said Charles Steel the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds To Ann the wife of The Reverend Timothy Myers and sister of my said wife the sum of sixty pounds... from his will, dated 14 May 1831

    Mr Parker of Edenham is to be buried at Edenham Church on Sunday Evening next. It is rumoured that he has died worth property to the amount of £100,000. Letter from Frederick Wood to Lewis Kennedy 15 July 1831 {LAO 3 ANC 7/23/24/58}

  3. William Steel, baptised 5 June 1763 and buried 2 August 1763 at Edenham.

  4. Elizabeth Steel, baptised 29 May 1764 at Edenham.

  5. William Steel, buried 8 August 1765 at Edenham.

  6. Charlotte Steel, baptised 4 April 1766 at Edenham, and died about 1837 at Stannington, Northumberland.

    Married to Captain George Wright, who died at Guadaloupe 5 November 1812.

    I give unto the said Charlotte Wright (in addition to the before mentioned legacy) the bed and all the furniture in the room in which she now sleeps... From the will of George Parker, above

    At Stannington near Newcastle, whither she had gone to reside near her sister the wife of the Rev T Myers (the Rector of that place), Charlotte, relict of the late Capt. George Wright of the Royal York Rangers, and daughter of the late John Steele, gent, formerly of Scottlethorpe near Bourne. 26 January 1837

    On the 5th of November, at Guadaloupe, Captain Wright, of the Royal York Rangers, in the 43d year of his age, much beloved and sincerely lamented. He was youngest son of the late Thos. Wright, Esq. of Marston, in this county. Stamford Mercury, 22 January 1813

  7. Thomas Steel, baptised 16 August 1768 at Edenham and died 18 January 1812. Buried at Edenham 21 January 1812. His brother John and brother-in-law George Parker were the administrators.

    SHEW of RAMS. THOMAS STEEL respectfully informs his Friends and the Public that his SHEW of RAMS will commence on MONDAY the 8th of SEPTEMBER next; on which, or any following Day in that Week, the Company of any Gentlemen who wish to view them will be esteemed a Favor. SCOTTLETHORPE, August 26, 1800. Stamford Mercury, 29 August 1800

    Died on Saturday last, Mr Steel, a respectable grazier, of Scottlethorpe, near Bourne, aged 40. He was celebrated for his superior breeding of rams and other cattle. His death was occasioned by his horse rearing up and falling upon him, in riding across Grimsthorpe Park on the Thursday preceding. Stamford Mercury, 24 January 1812

  8. Ann Steel, baptised at Edenham 8 February 1770, and died 13 July 1859 in Sussex.

    Married at St. George, Hanover Square, on 10 January 1808, to Rev. Timothy Myers.

    On Sunday was married in London, The Rev Timothy Myers, Chaplain of HMS Mars, to Miss Ann Steel, daughter of the late Mr Steel of Scottlethorpe and sister of Mr Steel, banker, of Lincoln. Stamford Mercury, 15 January 1808

    He was born about 1767 and baptised 16 August 1767 at Whicham, in Cumberland. Died 4 February 1845 at Stannington, Northumberland. Described as 'Clerk of Greys Inn' when he got married. Ordained deacon 11 July 1790 and Priest 9 October 1791. Curate of Darfield, near Barnsley, 11 July 1790 (stipend £40); of Heckington (£35) and of Kirkby cum Osgodby (£50), Lincolnshire, 30 June 1800; Vicar of Preston, Dorset, 2 July 1813 - 15 December 1812; and of Stannington, from 11 November 1815. Preston was in the gift of Reynold Gideon Bouyer, prebendary of Preston in Salisbury Cathedral, and Stannington came from Shute Barrington. Myers obviously knew the right people.

  9. George Steel, baptised at Edenham 9 October 1772.

  10. Charles Steel, baptised 17 October 1774 and buried 2 January 1775 at Edenham.

  11. Charles Steel, baptised 17 March 1779 at Edenham.