What's new here
November 2014 Somebody tries to buy John Curtois's wife.
August 2014 Atwill Curtois defends himself against bastardy accusations.
And an obituary of Algernon Curtois.
And Huntley gets married, and a report of his death.
February 2014 A letter from the Bishop
And another one to the Bishop.
December 2013 Margaret Anne Curtois writes about village ethics
A biography of Dering Curtois
Another biography of Dering Curtois
Restoration of the Washingborough village cross
Dering gets involved in female suffrage
February 2012 Annnie Mary Curtois nearly drowns
All about Harry Curtois' suicide
A 1920s newspaper article about the family
November 2010 A major site redesign!
17 August 2009 Peregrine Edward Curtois' grave
31 March 2009 Margaret Anne Curtois and the psychic
19 June 2008 The will of Rev. Peregrine Harrison Curtois
7 December 2007 An Indian memorial to Col. Atwill Curtois.
14 November 2007 Some photos from the Old City Cemetery in Sacramento.
20 July 2007 Searching for the heirs of Rowland Sydney George Curtois.
15 June 2007 A biography of the second Wm. Albert Curtis in the US
and some church licences that once belonged to Peregrine Arthur Curtois
and to Peregrine Curtois.
31 March 2006 Willoughby Curtois on holiday.
24 November 2006 A report of Alexandra Maud Curtois's wedding.
4 November 2005 The Rev Matthew Curtois and an act of sexual immorality
20 September 2005 The obituary of Rowland Grove Curtois.
17 February 2005 More about the dandyfied Chauncey Hare Townsend.
11 January 2005 Reorganisation of the american pages
and William A. Curtis' obituary
and a different William A. Curtis' obituary..
6 December 2004 The obituary of Florence Isabella Curtois.
6 October 2004 An account of the death of Dr. John Willis.
2 October 2004 Some photos of Atwill Curtois and his family.
30 September 2004 A few more photos of people (but you'll have to find them)
and of the graves at Branston
and yet another biography of William A. Curtis doing terribly well in the States.
15 September 2004 An account of the untimely death of Peregrine Samuel Curtois
and a photo of Frederick Curtois' grave
and some pictures of Charles Curtois and his family
and some pictures of some memorial tablets
and pictures of the Curtois graves at Langrick
27 May 2004 Found some American descendants and a whole load of stuff about them.
14 March 2004 Added a what's new page.....
....and some letters about giving the Living at Sixhills to the second Rev. Rowland Curtois.

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