This research on this site is by no means all my own. The Rev Algernon Curtois was interested in genealogical study, and I think the fruits of his research made their way to his cousin's son, John Ralph Willoughby Curtois. A major source is a pedigree that he drew up, which is dated 9 August 1939 but has later events recorded on it. There were also a series of pedigrees of Lincolnshire families drawn up in the early 20th century by a local genealogist named John Dixon - he actually did the Curtois family twice, and from notes and annotations I think this was with Algernon's help.

I have also corresponded with family members - notably Mrs Marjorie Curtois, Miss Mildred Curtois and Mrs Rose Curtois-Ludvigsen - who have been able to furnish much of the detail of the past 50 years or so. And then there are all the traditional sources - parish registers, wills, cemetaries, and more recently the internet. It was the increasing use of the internet for genealogy that has led me to do all this.

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