Origins of the Curtois family

As far as I'm aware it's never been proved, but it seems likely that the Rowland Curtois who was Mayor of Lincoln in 1670, and from whom the Curtois family is descended, was baptised at Lissington in Lincolnshire in 1626, son of John Curtis. This was the belief of the family in the 1930s, and seems entirely plausible. So, the genealogy that follows is that of those Curtois and Curtis who are descended in this line. It is copied from the family tree compiled in the 1930s.

This bit of pedigree overlaps with that found at, which is another Curtis / Curtois family tree. This one does not include the Branston Curtois family, but concentrates on the Curtis line. John Curtois, number 1 on my Curtis family tree, is number 2 on this other one.

Although they're not shown on the Island Register Curtis family tree, there are more people named Curtois descended from it. William Curtis (number 8) is the ancestor of Brian Curtois and his family.


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