Peregine Samuel Curtois

Farmer (of 500 acres in 1851 and 120 acres in 1871) and grazier, baptised 3 May 1790 at Sixhills, fifth child of Rev Rowland Curtois. Residing at Witham House, Langrick, in 1871 (farming 300 acre and employing 3 men), and died there 16 June 1874. Buried at Langrick (his grave).Took up his freedom of the City of Lincoln 'by birth' with his brothers, 16 June 1818.

THIRTY GUINEAS REWARD. Holland Fen Association for the Prosecution of Felons,&c. WHEREAS some person or persons did, in the night of Saturday the 9th instant or early the following morning, SLAUGHTER, in a Close of Pasture Ground near to Langret Ferry, in the parish of Coningsby, in the county of Lincoln, in the occupation of Mr. P. S. Ccrtois, a EWE SHEEP, his property; and did also, late on Thursday night the 14th instant or early the following morning, SLAUGHTER, in another Close of Pasture near to Langret Ferry, one other EWE SHEEP, also the property of the said P. S. Curtois, and feloniously take away the Carcases of both, leaving the Skins on the premises. Whoever will give information so that the offender or offenders may be apprehended and convicted of the said offences or either of them, shall, upon his or their conviction, receive a reward of Ten Guineas to be paid by the Treasurers of the above Association, and a further reward of Twenty Guineas to be paid by the said P. S. Curtois. HOLLWAY and SON, Boston, 20th Aug. 1823. Agents and Treasurers. Stamford Mercury - Friday 22 August 1823

Married at South Willingham 9 May 1815, Rachel Simpson, who died aged 84, 1 August 1880. She was described as being 'of this parish' (i.e. South Willingham), but in the 1861 census [RG9/2371/88] gives her birthplace as 'Langrick Ferry', and in the 1851 census as 'Hornsby'.

Issue five daughters and six sons:

  1. Mary Jane Curtois, baptised 10 May 1816 at Holland Fen, and died at Long Sutton 27 November 1887. Legatee of £1000 from her father. Widowed by the 1881 census ('annuitant'), and living at 7 London Road, Sutton St. Mary, Lincs with lots of family (she had 14 children).

    Married by licence at St. Marylebone, on 5 March 1840, by the Rev. Rowland Grove Curtois, to Adderley Howard J.P., of Long Sutton, later deputy lieutenant of Lincolnshire. He was born 11 March 1794, and christened 16 April 1794 at Saint Clement Danes, Westminster, son of Thomas and Mary Ann Howard. He married firstly on 13 March 1837 at Newton, Cambridgeshire, to Mary Bothwell, who died of dropsy at Long Sutton 4 July 1838, and bore him 6 children. He died 20 January 1874 at Sutton St. Mary, leaving an estate worth up to £160000.

    The will, with two codicils, dated respectively Sept. 18, 1869, and March 1 and July 2, 1873, of Adderley Howard, late of Sutton St. Mary, or Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, who died on Jan. 20 last, has been proved at the district registry, Lincoln, by George Frederick Curtois Howard, Fitzalan Howard, and the Rev. Herbert Rowland Howard, three of the sons of the deceased, and John Bramley, the acting executors, the personal estate, including leaseholds, being sworn under £160,000. The testator bequeaths £500 for a stained-glass window for the parish church of Sutton St. Mary, in the event of his not having given such a window in his lifetime. There are many specific devises of real estate and pecuniary legacies to his wife, children, and other relations. The residuary legatees are all his children, except his sons Thomas Howard and Miller Howard.Morning Post, Monday 20 April 1874
    A stained glass window has been placed in the Church of St. Mary, Long Sutton. Lincolnshire, to commemorate Mrs. Mary Jane Howard, wife of the late Mr. Adderley Howard, J.P., D.L., and other members of the family, which has taken an important part in county affairs for many years. Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, Monday 27 August 1928
  2. William Peregrine Curtois, baptised 26 April 1818 at Holland Fen. Emigrated to Australia, arriving on the 'Britomart' 5 December 1838; here is an account of the eventful journey. Legatee of £1000 from his father in 1874, when still there. Possibly lost at sea (from here).

  3. Rachel Martha Curtois, baptised 20 June 1819 at Holland Fen. Legatee of £1000 from her father, and was still living at Langriville in 1901. Her death was registered at Boston in the first quarter of 1908.

    Married at Langrick, 19 May 1840, by the Rev Rowland Grove Curtois, John Bramley of The Grange, Langrick, Lord of the Manor of Waite Farm, Wildmore Fen, who was residing in the Toynton All Saints allotment of the fen. He was born 16 September 1812 at Wispington, Lincolnshire, the son of John Fretwell Bramley and his wife Sarah, and christened there the following day [IGI], and died at Scarborough 26 September 1878. They had 12 children.

  4. Rowland Graves Curtois, baptised 9 September 1820 and buried 14 April 1821 at Holland Fen.

  5. Rowland George Curtois, baptised 9 October 1821 and buried 16 November 1821 at Holland Fen.

  6. Eliza Louise Curtois, baptised 30 November 1822 at Holland Fen and died 3 March 1823 at Witham House.

  7. John George Curtois, baptised 13 November 1824 at Carrington Chapel (but in the Wildmore register of 1825). Apparently married in Sydney, 20 December 1875, Mary O'Meally, and probably died in Sydney, Australia, 22 October 1878 (from here). His will (pdf).

    NOTICE.-I will not be responsible for any debts my WIFE, Mary Curtois, or any other person, may contract in my name. T. G. CURTOIS, Marrickville Hotel, Stanmore Road. November 22, 1876. [The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 27 November 1876, page 2]
    VICTORIA, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c. To the Widow and next of kin of JOHN GEORGE CURTOIS, late of the Stanmore Road, near Sydney, in the colony of New South Wales, Licensed Victualler, deceased. GREETINGS: WHEREAS it hath been represented to us, in our Supreme Court of New South Wales, that JOHN GEORGE CURTOIS, late of the Stanmore Road, near Sydney, in the colony of New South Wales, departed this life on the twenty-second day of October last past, intestate, having at the time of his death goods, chattels, and credits in the said colony : We do therefore peremptorily cite you and each of you, to appear personally or by your proctor, before our said Court, at the Court-house, King-street, Sydney aforesaid, on the nineteenth day of November instant, at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon, and there to abide, if occasion shall require, during the sitting of the said Court, and then and there to accept or refuse letters of administration of all and singular the goods, chattels, and credits of the said deceased, or otherwise to show sufficient cause (if you or either of you have or know any) why the same should not be committed to JAMES SUTHERLAND MITCHELL and ROBERT LUCAS TOOTH, carrying on business together as Tooth and Co., of Sydney, in the colony of New South Wales, Merchants, creditors of the said deceased. Witness, the Honorable Sir James Martin, Knight, our Chief Justice of our said Court, at Sydney, this fourth day of November, A.D. 1878. , T. M. SLATTERY (L.S..), Prothonotary. JOHN DAWSON and SON, Proctors for the said James Sutherland Mitchell and Robert Lucas Tooth, 136, Pitt-street, Sydney. [The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 11 November 1878, page 1]
    IN THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW SOUTH WALES ECCLESIASTICAL JURISDICTION. In the Will of JOHN GEORGE CURTOIS, late of Rushcutter Bay, near Sydney, in the colony of New South Wales, Publican, deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that, after the expiration or fourteen days from the publication hereof in the GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, application is intended to be made to this Honorable Court, that probate of the last Will and Testament of the above named deceased may be granted to MARY CURTOIS and CHARLES WOODWARD, both of Sydney, the Executrix and Executor named in and appointed by the said Will. Dated this 8th day of November, A.D. 1878. JOHN WILLIAMSON, Proctor for the said Executrix and Executor,Williamson's-chambers, King-street, Sydney. [The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 9 November 1878, Page 9]
  8. Georgina Curtois, baptised 21 September 1827 and buried 28 September 1827 at Thornton Le Fen.

  9. Rowland Curtois, baptised 18 May 1829 at Thornton Le Fen. Farming 100 acres at Whaplode in 1851, and died 11 March 1861 at Frithville. Buried at Langrick.

    Married at Coningsby, 7 June 1850, Francis Brackenbury Cordwin, who was born 5 November 1830 at Stickney, Lincolnshire, daughter of William and Francis Cordwin. In the 1861 census, shortly after her husband's death, she was farming 200 acres, employing 4 men and 1 boy.

    Issue one son:

    1. Benjamin Rowland Curtois, baptised 8 November 1850 at Whaplode. Died (diabetes and 'congestion of the lungs') at Carlisle Street in Hull, 17 January 1869.

    Frances was remarried at Frithville, 6 February 1865, to one Samuel Birkett, and her death (as Frances Brackenburgh Burkitt) aged 37 [sic], was registered at Hull in the second quarter of 1870. In the 1871 census, numbers 5 - 9 Carlisle Street (where her son died, above) were occupied by Samuel Birkett, a linen draper, and his family. He was born at Boston ca. 1827, the son of Edward Birkett, a currier, and was a widower living in Hull.

  10. Adelaide Curtois, baptised 10 September 1830 at Thornton Le Fen, and died 4 May 1917 in Copenhagen. Seems to appear twice in the 1841 census; at home with her parents, and also with her brother-in-law John Bramley at Coningsby. Legatee of £2000 from her father.

    Married at Langrick 14 August 1852 by Rev Peregrine Curtois, Ludwig Jens Tonnes Gron esq. of Copenhagen, who was born 14 August 1827. Issue 7 children, 2 of whom died in childhood.

  11. Frederick Curtois, born at Witham House 27 October 1835.

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