From The Woodbridgian, 1947/8.

I am grateful to Michael Weaver, Registrar of the Old Woodbridgians, for transcribing this for me.


Educated at Bedford School and Queen's Cambridge, where he studied Law and took an Honours Degree. As a member of the University O.T.C. he had as a fellow member, Mr. Riddell; in fact they even shared a tent at an O.T.C camp in 1913! Later they met once again in the Hindenburg Line, where Capt. Curtois was serving with the 2/6 Bn., Suffolk Regiment and Capt. Riddell with the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers. During the Third Battle of Ypres, Capt. Curtois was twice wounded; he was demobilised with the rank of Captain.

After the war he went to Canada and Argentina, where he was a master at several schools; this accounts for his knowledge of Spanish. Returning to England he served as an assistant master at Wreking College, Merchiston Castle School and Reading.

In 1927, Mr. Curtois came to Woodbridge. Here on the staff, he joined his friend of University and Army days, although Mr. Riddell had no idea they would meet again, until Canon Symon, then Headmaster, in a casual conversation mentioned that he had appointed a new Master in Mr. Curtois.

He became Commanding Officer of the School contingent of the O.T.C. in February 1931, and has since held this post for over seventeen years, service for which he was awarded the Territorial Decoration. Throughout the Second World War he and Captain Riddell carried out the multitudinous duties allotted to the Junior Training Corps. Many Old Woodbridgians will retain happy memories of their association on Field Days, in camp and elsewhere.

Mr. Curtois was appoined Housemaster to Seckford House in September, 1932, Seckford being then the only Day Boy House. Here his work will be remembered with gratitude and affection by large numbers of Day Boys.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtois are retiring to Bromeswell, where he is going to act as Lay Reader with a view to taking Holy Orders. It will, however, not be "goodbye" but "Au revoir"! - for we hope to see them among their numerous friends here on many occasions.

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