Colonel Says His Lady Isn't THAT Lonely

LONDON (AP) - A retired British army officer revealed Monday he is spurning a written offer from a man who wants to buy his wife.

"The incredible cheek of the fellow," said Lt. Col. John Curtois. "The offer was made in a letter. The only dignified thing to do was to ignore it, but I must say I was very, very angry."

Curtois is living in London, but his home and wife are on the lonely island of Skye off the northwest Scottish coast.

"the man said my wife must be lonely living alone on the island," said Curtois. "I am working here for a few months trying to raise money for repairs to our house.

The colonel and his wife emphasized they were both extremely happy in their 17 years of marriage. He and his wife went to live on Skye 10 years ago.

"I think I'd better get back there - as soon as possible," he commented.

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